About Us

Power Cafe! is all about the people we are, and the people we want to be.

Galit Schwartz has worn many hats: Software Engineer, Math teacher, and Mommy, to name a few. In the last few years, she has been volunteering with children with Down syndrome, and discovered the world of special needs. This is the next step, and Galit is very excited about this venture!

Inspired by stories about establishments such as Tim’s Place in Albuquerque, NM, Galit started wishing that a similar venue would open in the Boston area. Just at that time, she was invited to participate in a workshop through Landmark Education to “create a project in the community which makes a difference and empowers others.” This occurred as the perfect opportunity to make the vision a reality.

After a year of searching for “the perfect location” and running into dead ends, the space at 45 Lexington Street in Watertown became available. It is not where Galit originally expected to open, but just as with our kids, we learn to see the potential and beauty that exists in the unexpected.

Watertown is a great community, and PowerCafe has already received a warm welcome from many local resources, including the schools, town hall, and the media.